The Matrix CO2 laser is the newest device in aesthetic gynaecology. It makes it possible to perform skin rejuvenation procedures on genitals, treat stress urinary incontinence, and perform vaginal tightening surgery and other gynaecological surgery procedures.

It can also be used to perform ablative skin rejuvenation procedures on the face and body. Thanks to the fact that the device is equipped with a radiation source in the form of a 50W ceramic tube (40W CW power on the tissue), it is possible to work both in continuous wave (CW) mode, which produces a photocoagulation effect in the tissue, and in UltraPlus (UP) mode, which produces photoablation effects.

This is particularly important because in the case of laser rejuvenation treatments involving intimate body parts, the photocoagulation mode is best, while in the case of gynaecological surgery (e.g. laser labioplasty), the optimal option is UP photoablation on account of the minimal thermal injury to the edge of the wound.